Lune Longboat Project



The Longboat. One of the last examples of a Lancashire built boat based on Viking and Shetland designs and used for hundreds of years along the North West coast of England and Scotland. 20’ long with bowsprit. An easily driven cutter rigged sailboat favoured by professional seamen for inshore journeys and fishing. A “double ender” suited to beach launches and landings in surf.


Dug out of muddy neglect and donated to the Scouts for a complete restoration in late 2012 and transported back to West Lancashire. Surveyed, stripped down and dried out the fibreglass hull remains in sound condition.

This is a fully funded project with the support of a major donor and the original builders, Character Boats, now based in our district.  Character Boats will completely re-rig the boat with new sails, spars, running and standing rigging and supply a new trailer.


A team of adults, Scouts and Explorers will strip out the boat, clean, repair and refinish the hull and all the internal woodwork, spars, rudder and decking, refix the ballast and prepare the boat for a rename and launch.

Want to know more or like to get involved?

Register your or your Group’s interest with the project coordinator John Lechmere from Upholland Scouts at Tell him your name, age, position in Scouting and leave a contact e-mail address.

The project will launch officially on 26th August 2014 with a funders announcement and we’ll be in touch around that date. After this date you can follow the project on Upholland Scouts website at   Those helping will be able to join one of our weekend camps at Coniston at a nominal cost for the weekend as thanks for your help. After restoration the boat will be kept in Scouting to support young people’s activities, District and County events on the water.