7 Dec 2018

First Upholland Scout Group-brief history
Draft history-please forgive any errors or omissions and feel free to send any additions or corrections to
The 1st Upholland (St.Thomas the Martyr) Scout Group was formed in 1918 by Scout Master George Ainscough and GH Brown and Dr Tom Shirlaw.
They met upstairs at Abbey Lakes Dance Hall. Boys (boys only) paid for their uniforms piece by piece. The photo shows Scouts probably wearing cut down Great War uniforms, plentiful in 1918. Note the leader’s puttees widely worn on the western front in France.
In 1920 they …

7 Dec 2018

51st Ormskirk (1st Upholland)Scout Group
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15 Apr 2016

We’re pleased to announce that the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw has approved a grant from his Community Action Fund. This is to buy an outboard motor for the Lune Longboat to provide an alternative power supply so the boat can be used as a rescue craft on Scouting events.

12 Apr 2016

Over the winter the Group’s been helping to bring a number of Scout Leaders and Skills Instructors from other Groups in West Lancashire to a position where they can obtain a Scout Adventurous Activity Permit which will allow them to supervise Scouts on the water themselves.
In order for our Canoe Coaches to be able to issue, or re-issue, their 2 Star personal skill certificates they needed to polish up their open canoe skills on Coniston on 9 April.

12 Apr 2016

The Group’s traditional early season paddle saw 18 paddlers on the water on Coniston on Easter Monday 28 March 2016.
We had a full range of participants and boats including kayaks and sea kayaks paddled by members, parents, supporters and friends of the Group.

12 Apr 2016

The national sailing press has picked up the Longboat restoration project that the Group ran in 2014-16.
The magazine Classic Sailor , in its April 2016 edition featured a double page article and photos of the project.
See a snap of the article here and if you’d like to read the full article please ask John Lechmere who can be contacted at
or to see the rebuild team’s final project report see here:- Project report

12 Apr 2016

Here’s our newsletter from Friday 8 April 2016

31 Jan 2016


18 Dec 2015

A very Happy Christmas to all our members, parents, friends, supporters and helpers.
Thanks again to our sponsors the three Churches in Upholland-St.Teresa’s Roman Catholic Church, St.Thomas the Martyr Parish Church and Upholland Methodist Church.
And special thanks to all our Leaders, Young Leaders and committee members and officers who are helping continue and develop the work of the Group. The development of our young people has probably never been more important in our long history-help us to write the next chapter of the story in Upholland in 2016
The centenary of the …

16 Dec 2015

In case you missed it here’s the newsletters from Friday 11 December