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End of an era as Lancashire County Council resources removed from West Lancashire

2 December 2015


It was the end of a long era in West Lancashire on Tuesday 1 December 2015 when the last of the Young People’s Service resources used by voluntary groups was removed for centralisation to Borwick Hall in Carnforth.

The equipment, including canoes, kayaks, trailers and other outdoor equipment was uplifted by staff of Lancashire County Council’s outdoor education centres and taken away.

John Lechmere, the Quartermaster of the 51st Ormskirk Scout Group (Upholland) said after the removal. “As a regular user of the canoes for my own and many other young people’s groups in West Lancashire it’s pretty devastating that we can no longer access this support-just as the County Council tries to encourage voluntary groups to take up the slack from their reducing budgets we find they are actively working against us!”

Voluntary groups can still use the equipment but for Groups in West Lancashire at the south end of the County it seems unlikely that relocating them to Carnforth, at the extreme north of the County can represent either an economical or practical proposition. John later said that ” Clearly for groups in north Lancashire this is a great bonus, it’s a great pity that young people in West Lancashire should suffer for their advantage though”

The pictures show the last of the canoes leaving West Lancashire for Carnforth.